Parent Teacher Association

This is group of parents who involve themselves enthusiastically in social and fund raising events for the school. Attendance at any or all of their monthly meetings is welcome.


All P.T.A. meetings are held in the staffroom in the school administration area and start  at 7:00pm.

Monday 11 March Monday 11 April
  Monday 08May Monday 13 June
  Monday 10July Monday 01August
  Monday 12September Monday 09October
  Monday 21November Monday 11December

2019 Committee

  • Catherine de Bruin - President
  • Kim Ric Hansen - Vice President
  • Susan Woodgate - Treasurer
  • Denise Howse - Secretary
  • Aaron Richards - Principal
  • Erin Kreft - Teacher Representative

  • Nicole Vivian
  • Vicki Meates
  • Cindy Chapman
  • Denise Howse
  • Sarah Thom
  • Tim Malone
  • Katrina Knill

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