Students required to wear the full school uniform. Enrolment in the school implies a willingness and obligation to do so.
Summer Uniform 

Gingham Dress, royal blue V neck jersey,  black shoes (or sandals), white socks, regulation sunhat
Boys: Grey shorts and top, royal blue V neck jersey, black shoes (or sandals), grey ankle socks, regulation sunhat
Winter Uniform

Tartan pinafore, white long sleeve school blouse, royal blue V neck jersey, white socks or navy tights,  black school shoes, SJS polar fleece (optional)
Boys: Grey shorts, grey shirt, royal blue V neck jersey, black shoes, grey socks with blue and gold band, blue and gold striped tie, SJS polar fleece (optional)
Physical Education Uniform

The Physical Education clothing is insisted on, and is compulsory for Yr 3 - Yr 8 students. It is strongly recommended for senior pupils for all Physical Education and Fitness activities as it encourages cleanliness and healthy attitudes.
Girls: SJS House Shirt (available from the school office), navy blue shorts
Boys:  SJS House Shirt (available from the school office), navy blue rugby shorts

Uniform Shoes: Students are required to wear black school shoes with leather uppers and rubber soles (see the images on this page). Active-wear school shoes may be worn as an alternative, however they must have a black upper and sole. They must not have a white sole or noticeable branding. 
Summer footwear: In summer, students have the option of wearing black roman-style sandals
Sports Shoes: Students are encouraged to wear sport shoes (trainers) when they are wearing their sports uniform

Mainland Uniforms
511 Wairakei Road or online at www.mainlanduniforms.co.nz
The Warehouse
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Available from the school office
  • SJS House Shirt............................ $30.00
  • Senior Cap (Yr 7&8)......................$15.0
Boys' Winter Uniform
Boys' Summer Uniform
Girls' Winter Uniform
Girls' Summer Uniform